Interview with Outward Film Network

I think it’s safe to presume that people around me know I’m very private and reserved when it comes to talking about myself. I’m quite happy being in the shadows and just being left to get on with the behind the scenes saga of making a film.

However, I was approached by the kind folks over at Outward Film Network who asked if I would like to be interviewed for their amazing website which is tailored towards the indepdent filmmaking scene and the kindness they showed me as well as their devotion to the indie filmmaker scene persuaded me to drop a few thoughts down to their questions…. well I say a few…. about 4,000 words later, I was all waffled out.

Anyway, here is the link to the full interview over on their amazing site. Check them out please! Thank you so very much to Mark and the entire team over on the page, who are all absolute superstars!


Jay Podmore joins SNARL

Lots of things going on behind the scenes of this film we’re prepping to shoot early next year and now we can announce a new addition to the cast!

Next up joining the SNARL cast alongside Charlie Clarke and Jack Knight is the equally amazing Jay Podmore, who will be playing Elijah, in this eerie new Werewolf tale from director L. J. Stark Greenwood, which starts shooting in April 2019.

Stark comments; “Jay is a fantastic actor and having seen him already in our previous effort, Sustain and just how commanding he is in that, he was just a natural choice to pursue for the role of Elijah and I cannot wait to see what he does with this highly conflicted character through his stunning on-screen talents as well as how he bounces off Charlie and Jack’s characters! It’s going to be amazing!”

SNARL is being directed by L.J. with a script by Dave Hastings who also produces. Will Bradshaw is director of photography while Kaushy Patel is on executive producer duties with Troy Dennison providing special make up and creature FX with Alex Bourne.

The film is expected late 2019. Keep checking back for updates!

SNARL Synopsis & Cast Announced!

Earlier this past year, I wrote about how I was working with our stunning Art Director L.J. Stark Greenwood on a film idea she wanted to direct. All about Werewolves.

So even though we’ve been working very hard on You Are My Sunshine, this has been busying itself in the background too.

And now we can reveal a few more details as well as the official Synopsis.

Snarl (2019)

England. 1934. A young man, Elijah, has been captured and accused of being a werewolf by Clyde, a self famed bounty hunter from a nearby village.

As Elijah is brutally tortured in a vain attempt to get him to confess, he suddenly finds himself secretly released by two villagers, Faye and her younger brother Benjamin, who believe he is innocent.

As they attempt to help the young man flee through the woods, all the while pursued by the maniacal Clyde, the night time forest suddenly reveals that some legends are not myth at all.

Starring Jay Podmore (Sustain), and reuniting Charlie Clarke with Jack Knight fresh from Sunshine, the film will be directed by L.J. with special FX by both Troy Dennison and Alex Bourne while Will Bradshaw is back as Director of Photography with Suki Sandhar on camera support. Kaushy Patel is on exec producer duties while I’m in the producing chair as well as writing the script.

We really cannot wait to film this in 2019 and see L.J direct the hell out of this wonderful cast and crew! Until then, here’s the official teaser poster!

Snarl Poster Theatrical 2018

House of Screaming Death Press Coverage Roundup

So, what with finishing a month of filming with the amazing cast & crew, we’ve also had lots of local and worldwide press exposure, some of which I will post links to as they become public, while below is a collection of how the production has already been covered through various media. Enjoy!

Express & Star August 30th – featuring interviews with cast & crew about bringing gothic British horror to the Midands


Jason Forrest and The MilkBar Podcast/WCR.FM team came down to set on August 27th to interview various cast & crew (myself included, so apologies for the accent, I was on about 4 hours complete sleep at this point too!). A great insight to how the filmmaking process was going! Many thanks again to Jason! You can hear the complete show here.


Our friends over at Big Centre TV popped to the set during filming to record a whole show about the production, interviewing many cast & crew members. You can have a watch of that here which screened August 14th.

Big Centre TV copy

The Walsall Advertiser kindly ran an article on the film too on August 14th! Check it out below!

chronicle copy

August 11th saw the Express & Star start their coverage on the film as it began it’s second week of production. More here!

While you can also read the original Indiegogo campaign article from June14th here!

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported us through the production process and beyond. Your kind support and encouragement is not only welcoming and greatly appreciated, but essential to local independent filmmaking! Another very special thank you also to Sophia French at Walsall Council for her amazing support as well as the fantastic staff and volunteers at The Manor House itself! We hope to do you all proud!

The House of Screaming Death

“The doors of the great house open…”

And so it begins. We officially began shooting some teaser minisode/prequels for our next Anthology Feature ‘The House of Screaming Death’, last Saturday and continuing up today.

Last weekend we shot a teaser prequel for director Alex Bourne’s story, the final in the eventual film itself. And while details are still a closely guarded secret, the filming went ahead with great effect! We shot this segment in the town of Bilston, in an old abandoned hall, a creepy place in itself. It starred my work colleague and very good friend, Lucas Vale (who played Michael Myers in my feature last year Halloween One Good Scare… more on that in a future blog entry). Images from the shoot are below and feature Alex himself directing Lucas while Matthew Wood was our fantastic DOP!

ImageImage I: Director Alex Bourne and DOP Matt Wood with actor Lucas Vale.ImageImage II: (l-r) Lucas Vale, Matt Wood and Alex Borne after a successful shoot.

ImageAbove: An abandoned hall sets the scene for this eerie and mysterious scene. But what is going on here & what will the consequences be for others at the mysterious ‘House’?

Which brings us to today, Sat 1st February.

We filmed another prequel today, written and directed by myself. This one will be for story 3, which is to be the ‘oldest’ of the segments in terms of the time frame it is set within (around 1888 if you want a teaser!). However, this prequel takes place about a year before what you will eventually see in the final feature, and sets the scene for the horror to come!. We set up the shoot, and despite initial set backs (the weather is foul isn’t it!!!), we eventually began filming. Starring in the minisode is John Faber, a very talented and local actor in the Midlands, who gave a tremendous performance in the face of cold winds and wet muddy patches! On DOP duties was producer Kaush Patel of Pat The Bull films, and special FX were handled by the fantastic talents of Alex Bourne!

So, what can you expect? Well, that would be telling, but it is a very dark short segment that sets the tone and atmosphere for the on going narrative to come… oh and that Vampyre problem too…

ImageFX artist Alex Bourne test shot for some supernatural beings’ hand perhaps?

More pictures to come, but a fantastic couple of days shooting with some very talented and amazing actors and crew! We can’t wait to start releasing some of these, and allow you to begin getting a peek inside ‘The House of Screaming Death’.

Promo Shot