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It ‘s still here! If you haven’t already DONATED, please have a look over the campaign page for You Are My Sunshine! There are lots of perks to choose from for you to get involved with the making of this wonderful film that we are really excited about making!

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We have also been releasing new posters, videos, interviews as well as other goodies! So heck out our social media page’s to see all the good stuff! We’ve also been welcomign new exciting and amazing cast memebers including Kiah Reeves as Mavis and Simon Bamford (Hellraiser, The Offer), who will be joining the film as Martin, Joe and Ethel’s stern father.


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As mentioned, we have also been releasing a host of small videos too as well with some of our lovely cast! Have a snoop below!

We’ve been having meetings, discussions, scheduling tasks, locations scouts as well as going through waht each day of shooting will entail as well as welcoming our production runners to the film as well, some of them working in the camera department, some with the ADs, all of which are fascinating to watch and see them grow as their own filmmakers!

We are all really passionate about making this film, and we really would like your help to do this. Even just a £1 would be like GOLD to us! So please Donate, or SHARE if you can too, all over your own social media pages. Thank you!




You Are My Sunshine Teaser Trailer

We filmed this last August, when the lads first met and we had a first official meeting together to go through the script and the ideas (a YEAR!!!), and it was a fantastic moment to see the lads having a great chemistry, especially as it then came through on film beautifully!

So without further ado, we present the You Are My Sunshine teaser trailer starring Steve Salt and Jack Knight. These two are going to break your hearts. I promise.

And watch out for the amazing DRONE footage that was filmed and captured by Morgan Perry, who will also be joining us again on our summer shoot for some eqaully stunning aerial work!

House of Screaming Death Poster Updated

Due to the continuing positive feedback for The House of Screaming Death, and the festivals it has been received at, we thought it would be best to update the film’s poster to help reflect these amazing achievements this wonderful cast and crew have achieved!

They’ll also be a BRAND NEW poster coming soon to! So watch this space! Don’t forget to visit the Facebook or Twitter sites for all the latest updates and to watch clips from the film too!

ALSO don’t forget you can meet some of us at this year’s STARBURST MEDIA CITY FESTIVAL where the film will be screened FREE! So grab your FREE tickets* from the link! And we hope to see you there!

*first 500 tickets obtained are free

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You Are My Sunshine – Announced

While Sustain is going through the edit (it’s looking great by the way, Sam is doing a stunning job), and with my other short film commitments now either finished or also in post-production, my attention has now turned to what is next.

I know, mad right?

So, while written in 2014, the script for You Are My Sunshine has obviously been on the back burner since I’ve been working on Sustain and House of Screaming Death, both of those features needing my absolute time and attention (they still are by the way, lots more news to come about both!), but now, I’m starting to allocate time to genuine musings for the new film. And a few decisions based on casting and how to achieve all the narrative have been discussed.

So first and foremost, what is the new film about? Well, I enjoy making Horror Films of course (and I will be going back to that for sure too….plans are afoot!), but I also love pure drama, and conflict within this sphere of genre. It is thrilling to be able to connect real audiences to realistic characters from all walks of life, so this was a major factor in me wanting to pursue You Are My Sunshine.


Tom & Joe have been together for years. You Are My Sunshine charts their humble beginnings in a world only just waking up to homosexuality, a place where fear and isolation exist and continue still, all the way to present day, through Joe’s sister Ethel, who never accepted her brother’s lifestyle.

As modern day brings further conflict as well as the potential for change in the air, Tom & Joe’s story will be shown from its first monumental day, all the way to its loving last, and all against the ever evolving LGBTQ landscape.

TAGLINE: Love Is Love

As noted, the film will take place within two alternating time periods, the 1970s and modern day. This of course presents challenges, especially for us low on the ladder indie filmmakers, but that is why I’ve been starting talks and discussions now so that we can be ahead of the game here in planning and location scouting, as well as the many other hundreds of things to consider (1970s costumes!!!!! Flares!!!! Mullets!!!!)

Jack & Steve

Meet Joe (Jack Knight) and Tom (Steve Salt) – these guys are going to make you cry.

With this in mind, I am very proud and excited to reveal the amazing two actors who will break all of your hearts as the younger versions of the lads. So without further ado, please meet Tom (Steve Salt, in costume above too!), and Joe (Jack Knight). Both of these exceptional actors I’ve had the pleasure to work with on numerous projects already and I knew that they would fit their associated roles just perfectly. Steve I worked with on both HOSD and GRID, while Jack was first introduced to me through his time at College, by his lecturers there and provided a voice to our tragic unnamed character seen in BRINK.

This past Monday, and after months of communication, the two lads finally met up in person along with me, to go through scenes from the film, and help them begin to discover more and more about Tom & Joe. They have a year to go now working alongside myself to prep their interpretation of these characters and help make them as perfect (and ‘adorable’ as Jack noted continuously ha ha!), as they can be for you, the audience. And I have no doubt they will break your hearts!

You Are My Sunshine will begin production in Summer 2018 with block 1, that will be for all the young Tom & Joe scenes, while we will then resume filming on block 2 in winter time for the older Tom and Joe scenes. This will allow the later (and soon to be confirmed), actors to watch and study Steve and Jack’s performances to make sure both presentations in the final film will be as close to each other as they can.

When that production concludes, we will then plan for a late 2019 release to festivals. And I really cannot wait!

House of Screaming Death Press Coverage Roundup

So, what with finishing a month of filming with the amazing cast & crew, we’ve also had lots of local and worldwide press exposure, some of which I will post links to as they become public, while below is a collection of how the production has already been covered through various media. Enjoy!

Express & Star August 30th – featuring interviews with cast & crew about bringing gothic British horror to the Midands


Jason Forrest and The MilkBar Podcast/WCR.FM team came down to set on August 27th to interview various cast & crew (myself included, so apologies for the accent, I was on about 4 hours complete sleep at this point too!). A great insight to how the filmmaking process was going! Many thanks again to Jason! You can hear the complete show here.


Our friends over at Big Centre TV popped to the set during filming to record a whole show about the production, interviewing many cast & crew members. You can have a watch of that here which screened August 14th.

Big Centre TV copy

The Walsall Advertiser kindly ran an article on the film too on August 14th! Check it out below!

chronicle copy

August 11th saw the Express & Star start their coverage on the film as it began it’s second week of production. More here!

While you can also read the original Indiegogo campaign article from June14th here!

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported us through the production process and beyond. Your kind support and encouragement is not only welcoming and greatly appreciated, but essential to local independent filmmaking! Another very special thank you also to Sophia French at Walsall Council for her amazing support as well as the fantastic staff and volunteers at The Manor House itself! We hope to do you all proud!