Sustain Trailer #2

Break The Rules…Fracture Everything.

Very proud to present the NEW Sustain Theatrical Trailer #2

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Petrichor Poster (2019)

Very proud to present the official poster for Petrichor. I cannot wait to see where Cameron begins presenting the film at festivals around the world. More details soon, but Cameron is thrilled with the final cut, and that means absolute gold for me as a director who he trusted to bring his script and vision to life.


Recently, I had the amazing honour to be asked by the wonderful Cameron Moon if I’d be interested in directing his short script entitled Petrichor.

Working with Cameron and forming a lifelong friendship with such a loving and creative soul on previous projects, I sprang at the chance to do it and have felt incredibly honoured that Cameron would trust me to help bring his beautiful script to life.

We filmed in Birmingham City Centre this past Sunday, January 27th. It was great because it allowed both myself and Kaushy to work directly behind the cameras again (our GH4s), something we’ve both been wanting to do a lot more of in the coming year, so it was fantastic to play with natural lighting (and planning for any LEDs to employ to light up any other additional areas maybe), and we got some haunting performances from both Cameron (who also starred), as well as Paula Mur, an exceptionally talented actress.

Some of the main inspirations for the film was the opening sequence of Last Tango in Paris, as well as Lost in Translation (which is what attracted and excited me the most initially), albeit with Cameron’s own unique touch thematically.

It also allowed me to play around with framing compositions inspired by my own love of similar ones from Michael Mann, a favourite director of mine, and whose work has influenced me visually in past films such as Sustain and Sunshine, and many more.

On the day also, we were joined by Kevin Totts who took the above images while we were shooting and I’m sure you will agree, they are simply gorgeous. Artwork in the film was offered by the stunningly talented Barbara Witkowska, while the score will be provided by the equally talented Dom Mason.

I hope when it is released after the festival run or if you see it on there somewhere, you will see what were all trying to achieve, something delicate, something full of hope as well as dashing it with a sprinkle of kindness. Something the world seemingly lacks a lot of these days.

Thank you Cameron x

Filming Petrichor

Wonderful weekend directing/DOP the fabulous Cameron and Paula from his delightful and poignant script in Birmingham City Centre. Here’s a cheeky (and non spoiler) look at the shot list on one of the many Starbuck breaks we took to keep warm.

Thank you for trusting myself and Kaushy to help bring your creative ideas to screen and to Kevin for helping us too. I will do my very best for you to make it perfect Cameron.

You can find out more at Hazel Tree Pictures


New Sustain Posters!

So amazed by these posters we’ve had created for SUSTAIN by the amazing Joseph on Fiverr!  – So here they are in their full glory!


Landscape (UK British Quad) Poster


Theatrical (UK One Sheet) Poster

And yep, the second trailer for Sustain will be dropping very soon over the next few weeks!  And here’s a shot of Laura Evenson as Kara Marshdale from it…being watched by someone sinister.

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More details soon! I really cannot wait for everyone to see our film. Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the very start. As filmmakers, it means so very much to us. x