Filmography & Background

Awards & Recogitions

2015: Queer As Film Official Selection: (Brink)

2014: The London Film Awards, Best British Film (Checking In)

2014: The Charlie Darwin Film Festival Official Selection (Checking In)

2014: Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival Official Selection (Checking In)

2013: The Devil’s Eyes Best Horror Film (Halloween Night Terror)

2009: Citizenship Short Film Competition Winner (Look At It This Way) – Pat The Bull (directed by Kaush Patel & Tanya Bullock)

2009: Working With Young People Film Award (In Our Shoes) – Pat The Bull/Lightbeam Productions


2013-14 – House of The Screaming Death (co-writer, producer, co-director), Pat The Bull Films/Lightbeam Productions [Pre-Production]

2012-13 – Checking In (co-writer, producer, co-director), Lightbeam Productions/Pat The Bull Films [Post-Production]

2013 – Halloween: One Good Scare (writer/adapted, producer, director), Lightbeam Productions/Pat The Bull Films.

2012 – My Life Without You (writer, director), Lightbeam Productions.

2011 – Doctor Who Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New (director), Basement Film Group.

2010 – Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land (writer, producer, director). Lightbeam Productions

2009 – Look At It This Way (production assistant) Pat The Bull Productions.

2008/9 – In Our Shoes (director, writer, editor) Walsall Council Social Services/Lightbeam Productions.

2008 – Halloween: Nightfall (director, writer, producer), Lightbeam Productions.

2007/8 – Surestart Nurseries Promos (writer, director, editor), Lightbeam Productions.


‘The View’ Film Reviews,Outnorthwest, Sept 2005 – 2007.

Lost In Translation: A Critical Review, Scope Film Journal #8, June 2007.

The Bakhtin Files: Does The X-Files Engender Within Itself Aspirations Of Carnival Theory, And If So, How?, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2006.


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