Jay Podmore joins SNARL

Lots of things going on behind the scenes of this film we’re prepping to shoot early next year and now we can announce a new addition to the cast!

Next up joining the SNARL cast alongside Charlie Clarke and Jack Knight is the equally amazing Jay Podmore, who will be playing Elijah, in this eerie new Werewolf tale from director L. J. Stark Greenwood, which starts shooting in April 2019.

Stark comments; “Jay is a fantastic actor and having seen him already in our previous effort, Sustain and just how commanding he is in that, he was just a natural choice to pursue for the role of Elijah and I cannot wait to see what he does with this highly conflicted character through his stunning on-screen talents as well as how he bounces off Charlie and Jack’s characters! It’s going to be amazing!”

SNARL is being directed by L.J. with a script by Dave Hastings who also produces. Will Bradshaw is director of photography while Kaushy Patel is on executive producer duties with Troy Dennison providing special make up and creature FX with Alex Bourne.

The film is expected late 2019. Keep checking back for updates!


GRID Premieres on eve of World AIDS Day 2018!

I’ve had the email that GRID is now LIVE on REVRY – where you can watch it in the US.

Alternatively the film is now available to view publicly on YouTube at the link below for everyone.

To be able to premiere this film on the eve of World AIDS Day, which is marking its 30th anniversary also, is an absolute honour. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped write about the film, review it, as well as seeing fit to screen it at their film festivals all around the globe.

I am eternally grateful to the small bunch of talented artists who came together for 2 days in the Summer of 2017 to help me tell this story. Your passion, your tremendous integrity as actors/filmmakers as well as presence both in front of and behind the camera are second to no-one.

Thank you also to Ruth Coker Burks – I hope we told your story in the best way we could, as well as those untold stories from the countless numbers who were sadly taken from us far too early by this terrible illness.


GRID is dedicated on this World Aids Day, to those still fighting, as well as those we have sadly lost.

Please share the film as far as you can to help raise awareness of the devastating impact that AIDS has had, some of the untold stories, as well as helping to find a cure in the near future.

For Joss x

GRID Licenced to US Channel ‘Revry TV’

Can finally say it now it’s official…

GRID has been licenced for US Cable TV and will be screening on the REVRY streaming channel – its premiere coming this weekend on December 1st, the date that marks the very emotional World Aids Day. It will also be released via YouTube as well for those outside the US.

After being screened and winning awards around the world at numerous festivals, I’m very thankful we’re able to now share this very personal story we wanted to tell with millions of other people, because this cast and crew worked so hard to make sure it was told with genuine love, care and tenderness.


This couldn’t have happened without them, as well as without the story of Ruth Coker Burks – who is the very definition of an Angel – I only hope we have helped show the bravery of those other Angels we have tragically lost to this terrible illness.

I very much hope you enjoy GRID when it premieres online very soon.

You Are My Sunshine Block 2 Welcomes New Cast

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of completing our first readthrough of the scenes that will bring the modern day versions of Tom and Joe to the screen. This part of the film will run parallel to the scenes we shot this past summer and show how the events of the 1970s, the drama and the conflict, still have repercussions today in a highly emotive way.


Starring Charles O’Neill as Joe, Ernest Vernon as Tom and Rosemary Manjunath as Ethel, this block also welcomes Jonathan Butler to the narrative as John, Ethel’s son and Joe’s nephew, who becomes a metaphorical bridge between generations.

45822190_510493632750952_4682624116354711552_n          45268829_507913573008958_6127886061772210176_n

The read through was a fantastic success and we discussed certain scenes afterwards, discussing how we can do them to make the film the best it can be. As well as this, we


showed two of the completed scenes from the summer shoot that showed how Jack and Steve had played the characters, noting little mannersisms that could be brought through into their modern day counterparts by Charles and Ernest.

A fantastic and successful day! Lots more prepping to come!


And updates!

Sustain has locked!

We’ve been working so hard on Sustain all year in the edit, so it was truly a wonderful moment when our amazing editor Sam and myself finally got it visually locked down this past weekend. All the differing shots, scenes, temp music, months of doing little insert shots that have blended in with the rest of the original shoot is just a joy to finally see! We even made a little video to mark the occassion!

PSX_20181028_150958.jpgOf course, this is by no means the end, we still have sound mix and scoring to do now, as well as beginning to ramp up promotion again. You’ll be seeing stuff appear over the next few weeks of course, but this was a magical moment and I wanted to share it.

Official You Are My Sunshine Photos Released!

With have been in the edit these past few months starting to piece together the 1970s scenes of Sunshine we shot over the past summer and it is going really nice. We’ve had some fantastic initial feedback to some rough scenes shown privately as well. So we thought it would be the best time before we go back into hibernation mode to prep block 2 to share a few shots with you all from the film. We’re incredibly proud of this journey so far and we hope you agree that these first few shots showcase the amazing craft and abilities of not only our wonderful cast, but also the crew, all of who worked so hard to help begin bringing this story to life. An adventure that will continue into 2019.


The first official shot from the film with the amazing duo Jack Knight and Steve Salt – these pair are incredible on screen together and have brought these younger versions of Joe and Tom to life more than we could ever have dreamed


Your second official look at the film shows the wonderful trio that are Jack Knight Charlie Clarke and Simon Bamford – this was an amazing day, and we couldn’t have done it without them and also the amazing support of Vicki Phipps at Mindful Gifts who completely changed their whole store into a 1970s lounge for us to film these scenes! Thank you! 🌈🌈🌈


Going into official imagery hibernation now as we reveal this final publicity shot (for now), as we prep block 2 over the next few months. But gosh, this scene was emotional, the last time we’d have to film one with both Jack Knight and Steve Salt – they both nailed it. It was a perfect fitting moment to say goodbye to them, their characters and their part of the story of their lives so far. Thank you guys and crew 🌈🌈

Keep checking back for more content soon!



New Sunshine Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery Released!

It’s been a few months since the first block of You Are My Sunshine finished with great success. So while we are starting to prep block 2 to begin in early 2019, have a look back over the past summer with this gallery that showcases the first three days of production.

They’ll be lots more coming soon as well so keep your eyes peeled on our social media via Facebook Twitter or Instagram


It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to get the modern day scenes filmed that will complete the story of Tom and Joe. My deepest thanks to such a wonderful cast and crew so far!