GRID Goes Global!

The last few weeks have been very overwhelming, as GRID has been selected for so many festivals one after the next, and at events that have spanned the globe! It has been nearly 1 Year now to the day that we shot the film, and while we wanted the film to connect with audiences on […]

First GRID Reviews Are In!!!

This past week, I’ve been overwhelmed by the extremely positive and humbling reactions GRID has been receiving in its first initial reviews. It was our aim, to make sure this film spoke to everyone and highlighted the plight of those in the early 80s who unfortunately we lost to the virus as well as send a message […]

Reflections on GRID

It’s been just over a month since we filmed GRID and it’s now in post production, but people have been very interested in the project and we have some exciting things to announce about it in the near future, but enough about that for now, at the moment I would like to share some reflections […]

GRID Begins Filming Next Week

Next week sees the second short film I will be directing over the August month (holidays, what holidays), and I am very excited to be bringing this particular project to life. However while producing any film is lots of fun, I think this short, along with the Pete & Aaron segment from ‘Checking In’, will […]

Sustain Updates & New Stills

It has been a very busy few months, especially since I’ve been juggling the first year of my MA, as well as finishing up on HOSD, CLONE and GRID and then prepping for WILLEM as well (more on that in the enxt blog). So while this is all amazing and fun and just truly stressful, […]

MA – Scriptwriting #2

Last week I began researching the life if Willem Arondeus, and it is fascinating and helping me immensely with an idea for not only my university script, but also something I want to direct later this year! I always love writing a script, and pursuing an idea when in my head the visuals, the angles, […]