Filming Petrichor

Wonderful weekend directing/DOP the fabulous Cameron and Paula from his delightful and poignant script in Birmingham City Centre. Here’s a cheeky (and non spoiler) look at the shot list on one of the many Starbuck breaks we took to keep warm.

Thank you for trusting myself and Kaushy to help bring your creative ideas to screen and to Kevin for helping us too. I will do my very best for you to make it perfect Cameron.

You can find out more at Hazel Tree Pictures


New Sustain Posters!

So amazed by these posters we’ve had created for SUSTAIN by the amazing Joseph on Fiverr!  – So here they are in their full glory!


Landscape (UK British Quad) Poster


Theatrical (UK One Sheet) Poster

And yep, the second trailer for Sustain will be dropping very soon over the next few weeks!  And here’s a shot of Laura Evenson as Kara Marshdale from it…being watched by someone sinister.

dwrpebbxqamiqku.jpg large

More details soon! I really cannot wait for everyone to see our film. Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the very start. As filmmakers, it means so very much to us. x


Get Ready for SNARL

Werewolves are just a myth right? 🐺 SNARL is now in preproduction from director L.J Stark Greenwood and stars Jay Podmore, Charlie Clarke, Jack Knight and Troy Dennison. It has been written and will be produced by myself with executive producer duties falling onto Pat The Bull Films and BrumTown Films. 

This past weekend, the cast met up for the first time to go through the script with director L.J. while also doing costume tests as well as other preparation.




You can also check out the cast talking about the film below in our new promo!

The film is expected late 2019. Keep checking back for updates! Because there are lots more to come before we start filming this Easter 2019!