Willem Updates!

Willem is coming along very well and to celebrate the edit getting to this stage, I wanted to showcase the amazing two actors at the heart of this very special story, both Chris Johnson and Thomas Loone who are just absolutely stunning to watch on screen. Bearing in mind that the colour grade below is experimental at the moment, and not what the final film will potentially look like, it is wonderful to see this short film bring to life an unsung hero you’ve probably never heard of. Mr Willem Arondeus.




I really cannot wait to for you all to see these guys in the film. I am over the moon with what they’ve done and the passion and dedication they have brought to the project. Thank you lads.

You Are My Sunshine Teaser Trailer

We filmed this last August, when the lads first met and we had a first official meeting together to go through the script and the ideas (a YEAR!!!), and it was a fantastic moment to see the lads having a great chemistry, especially as it then came through on film beautifully!

So without further ado, we present the You Are My Sunshine teaser trailer starring Steve Salt and Jack Knight. These two are going to break your hearts. I promise.

And watch out for the amazing DRONE footage that was filmed and captured by Morgan Perry, who will also be joining us again on our summer shoot for some eqaully stunning aerial work!