Finders Keepers: On Set With The Dark Ditties Team

Myself and Will Bradshaw were recently asked to help out on the new episode of the Dark Ditties series, made from the fine folks behind the Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II,You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night as well as many other exciting projects!

Popping up north to meet the team who were already on their 3rd day of shooting, we were made to feel really welcome by everyone who came to have a chat with us and it was a pleasure to work alongside them. We were also asked to head up a small second unit to help get some shots needed for the edit while the main team worked on other scenes. This allowed us to work with the wonderful Simon Bamford (I never in my life thought I’d ever get to work with anyone from Hellraiser, never mind direct them!), and we had some wonderful moments wherein his character is running through the woods coupled with both a handcuffed briefcase and immaculate wig!

As well as this, we also helped grab some special fx insert shots, which were fantastic to do, again working with some wonderful fine folks, as well as Simon’s wig again (it’ll all make sense when you see it!).

Thanks again to everyone for making me and Will really welcome. Was a pleasure and look forward to episode 4!

HOSD At Liverpool Horror Con

Myself, Troy and Art Director L.J. Stark Greenwood were guests at today’s amazing Liverpool Horror Con to present a screening of House of Screaming Death. It has been a fantastic day and the event was simply stunning. Lots of awesome guests and traders  

The film was presented by both Troy and L.J and when it finished, we had some amazing comments from the audience which made our day complete. It is so thrilling to hear that people are continuing to enjoy the film. Really is special to hear all the mini reviews we are getting and it is a testament to this stunning cast and crew of ours, that their work is being so warmly received.

I’d really like to express my absolute thanks to the organisers of the con, you all made us feel so very welcome and looked after. Our day was full of happiness and delight seeing all the wonderful cos-players and other films as well.

Thank you for giving our little film a chance to reach a wider audience. It meant so very much to us all.

Halloween Documentary Update

Been a while since I’ve mentioend this so thought I’d showcase just a few of the amazing folks who are talking about HALLOWEEN i’m currently snipping into the documentary! This documentary is a fantastic piece of work by Paul as well as being a humbling acknowledgement of a film we all very much love and hold dear to our own filmmaking hearts.

I really hope their voices come through as best they can within the final export which is scheduled for release this coming October, just in time for the return of Michael Myers on the big screen in Blumhouse’s new franchise chapter in the long running series.

Until then, Enjoy!