Snarl (2019)

Recently, both me and L.J. (our fabulous production designer), were both completely blown away by The Shape of Water, and the latter got to thinking of ideas for doing our own short monster movie…especially around the theme of werewolves!

So she said “Werewolves”…

…I said “when”…

…She said “soon”….

…I said “I’m writing as we speak”

We are very excited to announce SNARL, which will begin filming later this year in September time, starring Jay Podmore (Sustain), and will be released in 2019.


England, 1934 – A young man, a drifter, is held captive by the villagers of a local town. His crime – accused of being a werewolf. As he sits silently awaiting a cruel fate, he is suddenly aided by two of the towns people who believe him to be innocent. As they help the young man flee through the ever dark woods, pursued by the town mob, the woods begin to share their own secrets, of creatures whispered of, and should only exist in myth, but who tonight, thrive under the full moon.

SNARL will be released in 2019. Directed by L.J. ‘Stark’ Greenwood and written/produced by myself.