Willem – coming 2018

As previously mentioned in posts, the flu has kicked my backside of late, and it has been diffciult for me, as I wanted to spend a lot of the Christmas holidays working on Willem, which of course the flu prevented me the opportunity to further.

However, this week, I am back working on the edit, and continuing to work through the story which is beautifully realised by actors Chris Johnson, Tom Loone and Will Bradshaw!

And here’s a new still from the edit to celebrate not only their amazing acting talents but all the crew as well who came together to tell a very important story, for a very important man in history, who you probably didn’t even know existed.

I hope to get Willem Arondeus’ story out in 2018!


It is June 29th 1943. In a confined prison cell, Alexander, a young Nazi guard is awaiting his new prisoner he has been tasked with watching over until their execution. He is a smart, well dressed officer, who merely wishes to carry out his orders and keep attention away from him. Suddenly, he hears a commotion from outside the cell, and guards bring in his assigned prisoner; Willem Arondeus, a Dutch resistance fighter, who has been convicted of blowing up a building that held records kept by the Nazi’s of Netherland citizens, in an attempt to fight back against the ever-growing rise of fascism.

As Willem and Alexander sit alone in the cell, the former attempts to engage in conversation with his captor, who initially remains quiet. But over the course of three days, not only do they begin to converse, but they begin to have a profound emotional impact on one another, an encounter that ends with a defiant message which simply states ‘Let it be known that Homosexuals are not cowards’


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