Sustain 2018!


Unfortunately, I’ve been completely invaded by a 3 week flu that has not wanted to go and has delayed me in doing lots of things I’ve wanted to give attention, however all is not lost! Updates are below on numerous projects that are keeping me busy!

You’ve already seen the updates on You Are My Sunshine (if not, see last post!), but there are also lots of other things going on too! Especially with SUSTAIN!

We’ve been in the edit the last few months getting together a rough cut of the film, and I’ve lost the bet with Kaushy. The bet was the film would come in at around 1hr 40minutes… it’s actually 2hours 30minutes in its current form! So, I owe Kaushy lots of KFC now! And we still need to do some pickups! But it’s a wonderful challenge and almost like a massive jigsaw that continually needs attention and focus, which is the thrill of it! And we’ve got new stills and beauties from the edit suite!



Fresh from the continuing edit! Fantastic shot of our dynamic amazing duo Greg Yates & Louise Hewitt as DI Bridge & DC Porter 🎞 So continually amazed by our wonderful cast & crew who helped bring this story to life more than we could ever have possibly imagined


The amazing Matthew Kinson as Roy McKenzie! Brill scene this one is to cut together especially when…oh wait…yeah, spoilers 😎😉🤔😜😛 This one was a cold night to film on as well in Wolverhampton!

2018 is going to be exciting and I cannot wait to share more with you all!





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