SUSTAIN Trailer #1 Is Here!

Here we go! We’re so very proud to finally unleash the very first trailer for SUSTAIN!

Thank you so very much to local music composer Richard Kirk for designing the specially made score for the trailer! An absolute musical genius!

Please LIKE and SHARE as far and as wide as you can! And let us know what you think! Thank you to an amazing cast and crew for making this whole project a reality and a complete joy!

SUSTAIN Trailer Countdown!


So this week, this Friday the 13th no doubt, you’ll get to see your first look at SUSTAIN in the trailer we’ve been spending the last few months cutting together!

It has taken a while, but this is our first chance to make an impact on your lovely eyes and we wanted it to be as perfect as it could be! So we really hope you agree when you see it!

However, before then, here is all the new content we’ve got for you to countdown the trailer release – some extra goodies!

Looking back to the very first weekend of filming this past January!

Look back at the exclusive prequels/trailer/featurettes we’ve already shared as well, and that you may have missed too!


So now, you’re up to date, get ready for tomorrow and your first look at SUSTAIN