WILLEM – First Look

The world has faced some disturbing turn of events over the past week and has reminded us all that we must fight against fascism and hate speech in whatever form, as well as fighting against discrimination just because of skin colour or indeed sexuality.

I’ve been going through designs for the WILLEM poster for a few days now, and seeing the current news broadcasts, has only highlighted my resolve in wanting to tell this story.

Willem Arondeus was a true hero. He fought oppression from the Nazi’s and helped save hundreds of lives, maybe even more, by hiding Jewish civilian names from the third reich’s clutches. He may never have met any of the people he would have saved, but that wasn’t the point. To him, they were human beings just like him, who were being hunted down, just because of their religious beliefs or lifestyle choices.

I very much hope we make the real Willem, wherever he is now, proud with our retelling of his life. I certainly have faith in the amazing crew I had, as well as the absolutely stunning actors, Will, Thomas and finally, Chris as Willem, who brought this exceptional man back to life for two days while we filmed on location underground. I’m absolutely certain of that!

I cannot wait for you all to see their performances in the coming few months when the film is completed. But for now, your first look at Chris Johnson, officially, as Willem Arondeus.

willem 5 HI RES BANNER POSTER copy

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