GRID Goes Global!

The last few weeks have been very overwhelming, as GRID has been selected for so many festivals one after the next, and at events that have spanned the globe! It has been nearly 1 Year now to the day that we shot the film, and while we wanted the film to connect with audiences on a very deep and emotional scale, all this has surpassed our wildest dreams and we are eternally grateful to all festival organisers who have wanted to include GRID into their program of events and screenings.

GRID Poster 2 copy

So far, GRID has given actress Charlie Clarke a BEST ACTRESS WIN at the Midland Movie Awards which she completely deserved! Her portrayal of Angie Wordsworth has been praised by all who have reviewed the film, and I’ve no doubt she will receive even more recognition based on her talents!


As well as this, GRID was screened as part of the Oklahoma GLITTER Film Festival, where it was also nominated for BEST ACTOR (Ernest Vernon), as well as for BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM, which we were thrilled about! At the same time, and thousands of miles away from the US, GRID was also wowing audiences in India at the annual REEL DESIRES Chennai International Queer Film Festival which was equally thrilling! Apparently we were told that audiences were in tears by the end of the film, which as a filmmaker and writer is overwhelming, and you couldn’t get a better response from a narrative which needed to be told. I was deeply humbled.

grid mini poster NEWS

As we speak, this year’s NCGLFF is taking place too, and GRID will be screened four times throughout their exciting festival, again giving American audiences a chance to watch the film, and we await eagerly any feedback that comes back from there.

grid washington.jpg

Later this month, the film heads to the east coast of the US, and forms part of the Marquee on Main Film Festival in Washington, and then after that, it returns home to the UK (and the Midlands where it was made), and will be screened at the first ever Bottlesmoke Film Festival in Stoke on September 2nd, where it is also up for Best Film. I am truly honoured by all this, and cannot thank everyone enough for the kind support and appreciation they have shown us and the film.

Grid Cast copy

I think though more, than anything, is to say just how much I love this cast and crew. Steve, Charlie and Ernest, you are absolutely astounding artists, and all the praise and positive feedback you have received, you deserve every part of it. Your performances are all more than I could ever have dreamed of, and I am truly forever grateful that you trusted me to tell this story. And the crew, from Joshua, Suki, James, Chris, Troy and Kaushy, your dedication and kind support know no bounds and as with a stunning cast, am eternally grateful for helping me realise this vision.

grid selection stoke.jpg


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