HOSD Clips

We’re doing a special local and limited House of Screaming Death screening this Thursday and Friday, and to celebrate, we’ve got four clips released from the film, one from each of the segments told by The Architect himself!

Released as part of a countdown to the events, we hope you enjoy these sneak peeks into Bray Manor and all the evil that surrounds its grasp!

Clip #1 – The Lady In Grey

Clip #2 – The Witch In The Mirror

Clip #3 – The Vampyre

Clip #4 – The Diabolique

And if you haven’t watched it already, here’s the Ian McNeice interview we released last Halloween which also includes a clip of him in action as The sinister Architect


Early Morning being Sustained!

Always one for detail, after filming the main bulk of Sustain back in the early part of this year, one of the later scenes in the film is set very early morning in the script, and at the time, we filmed it, the performances were great from both Brett and Laura, but (and what is always the bane of my existence!), there was far too much sunlight when we filmed it around 10am. And even after grading it, it still didn’t convey that early morning grey visual palette I was hoping for.

After we looked at the footage in the edit, and after really, really trying to think of reasons not to lose what we already had, we ultimately decided to reshoot the scene, and do it quick, as the lovely Laura was about to fly off to the US a few days after we planned the pickup on a thrilling teacher placement. So time was against us, and after speaking with Troy, we decided to get everyone back together and film the scene at exactly the time it was set in the script….4am! On a Saturday morning.

I now believe everyone hates me, but at least the shots look beautiful! And the scene is wonderful now…especially when the temp score was added! Ha Ha!