The new third draft of Willem has been received in the seminar session and people are happy with it now. Its structure, characters, setting as well as the themes are working now, and Phil has said how it just needs a little cleaning up in terms of odd minor DIY details such as some little spelling mistakes. So I will redraft it, read it over and it’ll be ready for the submission date.

One thing we were asked is to now start thinking about where this script would go and who would it be aimed at. My response has been to explore the film festival circuit and in particular the hundreds of LGBTQ themed screening events that occur yearly around the globe.


With Willem being about a real man, who was actually gay himself, added with the themes of acceptance, and Alexander’s parallel awakenings if you will, as well as oppression and the fight for equality, even in a historical context I believe would be fitting for these festivals as well as their audiences, who would respond to these themes, perhaps more so as they themselves can relate to the struggles and values/imagery within it. Some festivals below are but a small sample of those I would like to eventually send the filmed script too.


International Queer Minorities Film Festival – Willem was a minority at the time he lived, and his message is still as powerful today as it was back then.

North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – again, a dedicated event to LGBTQ films and characters, and with a previous film of mine going here (BRINK), they are a wonderful festival, who do nothing but celebrate and champion queer voices in cinema, and I believe Willem may perhaps find a home here with audiences, especially with its emphasis on a historical context too to add some flavour to proceedings. The event is very interested in worldwide voices too and welcome entries from the world over, so this widens the scope and allows me to be eligible to submit a future film version of Willem.

Fringe Queer Film & Arts Fest back on home turf is the London based Fringe fest, which again, like the previously mentioned festivals, welcomes entries with a distinct queer voice or association and I would be very much excited to have an opportunity to submit Willem to this festival as audiences are taken with the themes and characters that Willem does exhibit.


Willem would exist as a short film, and be broadcast primarily at film festivals, not just the ones above if possible, but as many as we could send it too. That is hopefully where Willem would find its core audience, the LGBTQ community, who like to see films that have themes and associations they can believe in, as well as place an emphasis on because they will also have also experienced a lot of what goes on within the script’s narrative too (prejudice, acceptance, intimacy maybe even forbidden), and thus, have a greater emotional response overall.


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