SUSTAIN Completes Principal Photography

This past weekend, the crew and cast of Sustain met for the last time to complete principal photography on this very exciting production.


The Flank Brothers (Brett Dewsbury & Joshua Sewell), prepare for one last scene together on shoot

As with any film project I’m working on, I absolutely hate saying goodbye to such amazing people! An absolutely fantastic cast, all brilliant and bursting with immense acting talent, as well as our equally fantastic crew, all working in their spare time to help make the film the best it can be.

It’s taken me a good few hours to think about what to say here, because I’ve been trying to find the right words. But to be honest, I can’t conjure the appropriate ones to express how magical making Sustain has been. And no sentence could even come close.


Sustain Memories from the past 7 weeks!

From conception, to writing, to casting, to location scouting, rehearsals and meetings nearly every week, this film has brought me out of my shell a lot more, allowed me to play about with cinematic themes and visuals as well as laugh, smile, facepalm over on set pranks and just watch in awe as this beautiful cast brought our words to life more than I ever could have imagined as a director. You’re all amazing and just so talented!!!! I am in your debt always.


Even more Sustain Memories!

I love making films, and additionally, this crew, every single one of you, well I’m just so happy that I got to work with some of the best professionals I’ll ever know. Each of you has the same passion, the same energy and the same dedication to make something as special as we can, to make the story as strong as it can be and as best it can look.


We’ve all laughed, pranked each other, sang to each other, hugged, loved and protected one another (usually from the cold!!!!)….but I’d do that all again in a heartbeat just to be on set with you all one more time.

God Damn, I bloody love you all, you creative nutters! Thank you for everything.

As one adventure comes to a close, here’s to the next many many more!

#TeamSustain 📽🎥🎬




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