SUSTAIN Updates!

We’ve been doing lots of exciting behind-the-scene stuff on SUSTAIN recently and credit to both Troy Dennison and Keiran Bowers for being a pair of amazing and wonderful producers who have been sorting through lots of pressing pre-production tasks to make sure this film will be the best it can be!

On May 21st, we came together with some of the cast and crew to film character trailers we will be releasing throughout the Indiegogo Campaign as well as having an opportunity go through ideas and rehearse some scenes, which was amazing to finally see, especially watching characters come to life for the first time! Wonderful!

(Above) Filming The Character Trailers

(Above) Shots From Filmed Rehearsal Scene with Brett Dewsbury (Keiran) & Laura Evenson (Kara)

We’ve also been location scouting, working with local councils (thank you Sophia French as always!), as well as casting roles needed still that were vacant. As I mentioned, we are also launching our Indiegogo campaign this Saturday (2nd July), as well as being guests at the Mental Film Festival being held in Wolverhampton (July 2nd), where producer Troy Dennison will be discussing the film with other cast and crew, while also talking about the status of House of Screaming Death, and announcing the ONLINE FREE RELEASE of Checking In too!


Producer Troy Dennison on a Location Recce

So yeah, we’ve been very busy! On top of this, a few weeks back we auditioned some fantastic actors to take on the role of Toby Flank, Keiran’s younger brother who is the catalyst for the explosive events seen through the film after his horrific murder, a direct result of a racial attack. Finding not only this character in an actor, as well as the other equally demanding roles, was very difficult due to the number of great applicants we had, but we were completely blown away by the talent we saw. Everyone was amazing, even those unfortunately who didn’t get roles (as I say, it was very difficult to make choices).


Toby Auditions

But we’re very happy with the cast we have already got on board! They are all fantastic and amazing, and we’re very lucky to have them. Audiences are in for a treat when they see the final film later next year!


Kieran Flank – Brett Dewsbury

Toby Flank – Joshua Sewell

Kara Marshdale – Laura Evenson

Kevin McKenzie – Richard Buck

Roy McKenzie – Matthew Kinson

DI Bridge – Greg Yates

DC Porter – Louise Hewitt

Grant – Tom Loone

Carl – Ernest Vernon

Clive – Charles O’Neill

The Coroner – Cameron Moon

Laura – Elizabeth Wakefield

Stay tuned for more casting announcements soon!

CLONE – Coming Soon

As a director, I really love tackling new subjects as well as genre. It helps me expand my skills and abilities as a filmmaker across a multitude of roles. As well as this (like with Gyrating Rocket), I’ve also wanted to tackle other people’s scripts not written by me.

With this in mind, I cannot wait to work on a short film script by the fabulous mind of Charles O’Neill, a fantastic actor and friend who I’ve had the pleasure of already working with on previous projects (HOSD), as well as future ones (Sustain).

I’ve also wanted to do a sci-fi film for a long time, and this (as well as another one I’m working on to be announced next year), gives me the chance to flex my filmmaker muscles on something that is very interesting. Charles’ script is thoughtful, intelligent, humourous even, but also has a haunting twist to it and…. well that’s all I can say without spoiling everything!!!!

However, after meeting with Charles yesterday (Sat 25th June), and going through some rehearsals and discussing ideas, we did manage to sneak in some time for a quick announcement poster. So here it is!


CLONE is written by Charles O’Neill and Produced by Kaushy Patel, Suki Sandhar, Joshua Baggott and myself. Stcik around for more details soon!