‘Sustain’ Teaser Trailer Filming

Today was a fantastic experience, as myself and actor Brett Dewsbury, revisted the location we produced the Sustain movie posters at, along with a small crew, consisting of Troy Dennison (Producer), Kaushy Patel (Exec Producer), Joshua Baggott (DOP), Suki Sandhar (1st AC), as well as Will Bradshaw (on Production Duties).

The trailer elaborates on the poster we have already released, providing a little more insight into the film’s plot, the core emotional conflict that will be running within the narrative and through the main character, Kieran Flank, who Brett will be portraying.

The teaser will be released very soon, while the 2nd draft of the script will be ready by the end of the Easter Holidays, allowing us time to start prepping for our targeted January – March 2017 filming schedule. Personally, I cannot wait to write/direct the film, because it allows me to expand my scope in terms of storytelling, and not just keep me within the horror genre (which I love and will always return too).

But I also love to tell other stories that crave to be told, allowing me to explore other avenues to everyday characters and environments. SUSTAIN allows me to do just this, and along with the crew with already have and no doubt, the actors we will be announcing in the future, we will can make something very special here. My mind is alive with planned visuals already!

More news soon!

Horror Society.com updates you on The House of Screaming Death

The wonderful folks over at the fantastic website Horror Society have an exclusive update on The House of Screaming Death for us, featuring new teasing details on our mysterious Architect as well as unleashing a brand new image from the film, one of our Necromancers!

Head over to the site here to read the new UPDATES and stay with us over the next few months as more secrets will be unlocked and the Architect revealed once and for all!

Necromancer copy