House of Screaming Death Prequel 2 – The Witch In The Mirror

The second of a series of chilling exclusive mini prequels to the stories that will be part of the main feature.
In this minisode, meet the sinister and otherworldy Necromancers. Who are they? What are they? And what do they want with certain people, both past and present, who have walked within Bray Manor aka The House of Screaming Death?

Fear The Other Side….

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The Blog of Screaming Death Episode 1

The first of our special behind-the-scenes looks at the making of The House of Screaming Death – hosted by Roger Francis!!!
In this feature Roger interviews some of the writers and directors of the film and gives you a taste of what is to come…

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The House of Screaming Death Prequel #1 – The Lady In Grey

The first of a series of chilling exclusive mini prequels to the stories that will be part of the main feature.

The House of Screaming Death funding campaign kicks with this first prequel written and directed by Troy Dennison who also stars as Solomon, a man who is haunted by the ghosts of his past, as well as haunted by a ghostly figure who watches on in the distance. What is the connection between these two lost souls? And how does Bray Manor aka The House of Screaming Death fit into these eerie tale?

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House of Screaming Death Teaser Trailer #2 = Meet The Architect

So Indiegogo has launched! And the next few weeks we will be releasing lots of new and terrifying content for you all to see as well as exclusive mini prequels to the main stories!

But before they appear, we have also got another teaser trailer to present – and what better way to start these proceedings than with the mysterious figure himself. The sinister damned soul who will weave these chilling tales together, The Architect.

Want to meet him?

Your wish is our command…. well, some of it.

Presenting the Second trailer for House of Screaming Death, from the AWARD WINNING filmmakers behind the 2014 Best British Film ‘Checking In’. A special music piece was composed for this trailer inspired by the works of James Bernard, composer of many wonderful past Hammer Horror classics!

Echoing the distinctive and much celebrated great British Gothic Horror films of the 1960-70s, The House of Screaming Death will uphold their successful traditions with the telling of four macabre tales of terror all told by the mysterious Architect. Each horrific segment delves into explicit corners of the supernatural, summoning such damned creations as the ghostly Lady in Grey, stories of Witchcraft most foul, Vampirism & the Occult. But we need your help to build a budget that will help us make the BEST BRITISH GOTHIC HORROR FILM for a modern era, which hark back to the golden days of Hammer & Amicus to name but a few.

Our INDIEGOGO campaign has many great and devilish financial rewards for contributors, while further cast & crew positions will be announced through the official website and social media avenues throughout May and June.

Producer Kaush Patel of Pat The Bull Films notes that “our last film, the hugely successful Checking In, has been seen by audiences worldwide to great continued critical acclaim, and was made for only £2,500 & then Won Best British Film at The London Film Awards! Now imagine what we can achieve on this project with a bigger budget! We sincerely hope you will help us tell these deliciously frightening tales of Gothic horror we have waiting for you!”
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The House of Screaming Death is LIVE on Indiegogo!

Our indiegogo campaign has officially launched! Full of fantastic perks for contributors the world over, it is a vital and fun way for you to ger involved and help is BRING BACK CLASSIC BRITISH HORROR!

11202098_461831803977078_322619524084661958_nWe are aiming to raise £8,000 to help us cover location costs, equipment hire, insurance, costumes as well as some unqiue and amazing special FX we want and need to employ to tell the best stories we possibly can! So head over to the campaign site here and help us.

And even if you can’t afford to help us (we know times are tough all over), you can still help us greatly by sharing the page, tweeting it, liking it, sending it to other friends and family. This would help us equally as much.

We are passionate about this film! We have so much energy & enthusiasm as well as support from local councils to help us  put the Midlands on the map as a hotspot for creative media production!

So help us give you some fiendish nightmares!

The Architect has been preparing for you.
The lights are dimmed, the curtains drawn.
Somewhere a clock begins to chime midnight.
Draw closer, he has stories to tell.
There’s no need to be afraid.
Not yet…


The Blog of The Screaming Death!

Troy Dennison will be working alongside the mult-talented Roger David Francis to produce The Blog of The Screaming Death, which will be an ongoing behind the scenes series that looks at the making of the film, its progress through pre-production, to filming, all the way through the future!

“Roger is the perfect choice for leading the series, his wonderful persona, wit, interview technciques and warm style is a great way to get viewers interested as well as keeping them up to date on all the goings on behind the scenes as well as teasing what’s in store in front of it” remarks Troy Dennison!

The first episode is coming soon!

blog of screaming death copy

House of Screaming Death on BIG CENTRE TV

We recorded our interview at Big Centre studios this week and the result can be seen tonight over on ‘Brummywood Yammywood’ with presenter Carl Jones.


He is joined by directors Troy Dennison (segment 1 The Lady In Grey), Rebecca Harris-Smith (segment 2 The Witch In The Mirror) and the fantastic Craig Edwards who is starring as Sam in the 4th segment, The Diabolique. You can watch live on the website here!

Let us know what you think!

Introducing Ernest Vernon & Charles O’Neill for ‘The Vampyre’

As the search goes on through the amazing talent that have replied to our casting call out, we also spent the day in the company of Ernest Vernon and Charles O’Neill who are onboard the segment I will be directing in The House of Screaming Death, ‘The Vampyre’.

11204432_446997188793873_8990679904851530459_nErnest I have had the pleasure of working with numerous times, including our last Award Winning feature Checking In, as well as the equally Award Winning Halloween Night Terror short too. Ernest is coming onboard to play the Innkeeper, who along with the rest of the community, are scared of the dangerous supernatural entity that supposedly resides in the nearby woods…one that has already made its bloody mark on them in the past. I know Ernest is a big fan of the Hammer classics and has already been trying to channel the great Michael Ripper to play the role with great delight. I can’t wait to see what he does with the role.

This is also the case for Charles too, who I first saw in another local feature film, The Singing Bird Will Come, and I was so impressed by his talent that I immediately wanted to work with him. And when I was writing for Father Malone, Charles just immediately appeared as the first choice for him. A character that has the weight of the world on his shoulders, as he protects his flock from the nearby evil, as well as demonstrating a warm side too, that allows good to shine through even the most darkest of affairs! Charles will be magnificent!

10359541_447047592122166_5108705207895577849_n         11022629_447047612122164_2553699180785676133_n