Halloween Night Terror – OFFICIAL SELECTION (Starfest Fan Film Festival)

We are delighted to announce that Halloween Night Terror is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2015 Starfest Fan Film Festival!

10577020_745159015602524_6088423262961957570_nFollowing on from its previous BIG WIN in 2013 at The Devil’s Eyes Film Festival, we are completely honoured to be able to add to the film’s continuing and ongoing success with audiences worldwide by the recognition Starfest has now also given us, and that they want the film as part of their official line up to show to their US audiences in April!

And to celebrate the event, we decided to give the original poster a bit of a makeover! Thanks again folks and more updates to come soon!

Halloween Nighterror Poster 2015 copyThe newly revised Halloween Night Terror poster (PS – thanks to Simon Edwards for letting us use his Michael image!)

Websites Updated!

Lots of events going on at the minute!

Our official website has been updated and revamped! Head over to www.lightbeamproductions.co.uk

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The Checking In website has had a facelift, go and check it out! www.checkinginmovie.co.uk website 1

The House of Screaming Death website has also launched! You can find out more on the ghoulish project at the official website www.screamingdeath.co.uk

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Loads more blogs to come this weekend!

BRINK (2015) at the Queer As Film Festival

This weekend was amazing as we met with so many other filmmakers at the annual 2015 Queer As Film festival, which showed such a quality & majestic selection of LGBT shorts/documentaries made by some very talented and lovely filmmakers.

image Our short BRINK was also part of the lineup and¬†generated a positive response to such a dark subject matter to help raise awareness of homophobia & it’s consequences.

Brink poster copy

A comment on the film;

We were at the time in deep post production on our feature film, and while that was being worked on by others, we suddenly found ourselves with 2-3 days to spare and nothing to do but wait. So because we all find sitting around rather difficult to do, and with our creative juices itching to do something else to keep us going (Alex wanted to try some new FX out, our DOP Kaush wanted to try a new camera out while I wanted to scribble down something new), we all decided to go out and make something one summer evening. No planning, just improvisation on the spot. But one thing we all agreed on, a challenge we set ourselves so to speak, was that it also had to be something short, it had to create some kind of awareness, whether from a good or bad event, and it had to be something personal we had encountered at some point in our own lives; and in this instance we felt Homophobia was the (horrific), theme to highlight in order to try and show the effects it can have on a life afterwards. But more importantly, it had to be something that would shock an audience and leave an impression on them afterwards. We hope we got to achieve that image Thanks to Queer As Film for their kind words & support as well as a massive congratulations to everyone who showed their films at the event too. It was such a pleasure to see them all & that positive LGBT films are becoming an even greater & formidable force to be reckoned with to help raise awareness.

A write up on the event is also at the following link.