Crew call out for our next feature anthology, House of Screaming Death.

Details and how to apply below;

“House of Screaming Death” is a feature film about to be shot in the West Midlands. This lo-budget Horror is going to be filmed in August 2015 by local directors.

We are now looking for crew members who would like to be involved in this innovative & diverse anthology film that includes 4 stories – set in the 18th Century to the present day – it involves ghosts, vampires, demonic spirits and ritual sacrifice.

If you are into Horror or have skills in film-making, get involved! They are unpaid positions but you are looked after. Our past and present team will vouch for this, while our last film Checking In, has just WON BEST BRITISH FILM at the London Film Awards, so you can be assured we are very passionate about our projects and this will be no exception.

Screaming Death prequel 1 cap copyWe are looking for: Runners, Script Supervisor/Continuity, Location Assistant, Make-up/FX assistant, Wardrobe/Costume Assistant, First Assistant Cameras/Focus Puller, Camera Assistant, Production Sound Mixer, Boom operator, Lighting Technician, Set Designer and Editors.

Thank you for your support!

Email if interested or for more info:

Website:   Facebook   Twitter

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