Memories From Checking In #1

One of the delights of making the film was working with a wonderful cast & crew. To celebrate their unique talents, we will be sharing over the next few weeks, some of their reflections on making the film. To begin, we present actress Katey Wilkins, who played ‘The Lady’ in Ren & Kalpna and her Memories From Checking In

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CHECKING IN – Crowned Best British Film 2014 at The London Film Awards

This is quite a strange blog to write, because quite simply, I’m lost for words.

However, I will do my best!

I was contacted on Monday evening through film freeway that Checking In had been accepted into the London Film Awards (LFA), which was amazing news! However, until I had more details, I just teased our audience through the twitter and facebook pages and we would wait until more information was with us . However, what happened next was so much more than I expected! I was awakened Tuesday morning at 5am by an email off the festival informing us that we had won. When I eventually checked the website, to my absolute shock, we were listed as not only part of the line up, but as the BEST BRITISH FILM 2014 WINNER!

london website    unnamedI immediately wrote up a press release for the social media outlets so we could get it out as people woke up, especially the cast and crew, as an early Christmas present!

By 11am, and through various shares, likes, Retweets, we had managed over 500 eyes on the news! Crew members were sharing their delight, while our wonderful cast were over the moon! This is truly an amazing achievement. I’m still at a loss for words, so I will leave you with images that express our delight and excitement! More meetings to go and press to contact and as always keep checking in (!!!!)

Thank you to a wonderful cast and crew. You are all magnificent, and I am so proud to share this Award with you all! This is for us all!

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