A Good Feeling…

One of the most satisfying moments was when we’d just watched the final locked down cut of ‘Checking In’. And it was starting to show up on Lighthouse Cinema promotional materials!

Still feels quite amazing even now as it goes on it’s trip to festivals all over the world! 20140424_173706 20140425_125752

Makes it feel worth the blood, sweat and creative tears! So proud of our amazing cast and crew!

Location Scouting

April 2014

Location scouting somewhere in the UK. Having a snoop around places that to the average person don’t really hold much significance, unless you know some history of the area… and the year specific to the events that happened here. 1888.

20140421_133652 20140421_135212 20140421_135746 20140421_140353 20140421_143221 20140421_143451 20140421_152233

Sometimes when writing about things that actually happened, you need to visit the environment and try and get a feel for the place, so you can represent it as best and as effective as possible, as well as with some compassion too. You imagine how it would have looked back then, how people reacted/behaved/lived, how others thought…

20140421_152233 20140421_155321 20140421_155512  … sometimes, unfortunately as well, you need to get into the mind of a serial killer to try and comprehend them as well.