Checking In (2014)

While the blog gets up and kicking, have a snoop at the trailer for our first upcoming feature, in association with Pat The Bull, Flirty Bird and 5/Sec productions.

Official Synopsis:

In any Hotel, there are stories. Each guest has one, a past, a conflict, even hope. Set in a hotel over the course of 24 hours, ‘Checking In’, tells five stories, each allowing us an insight into some of these guests. What happens when an Asian wedding goes awry? Can a one-night stand be more than just that? Will a singer regain her inspiration? And can you really get away with stealing the complimentary soap!?

These are just some of the stories you will find when you’check in’, coming in 2014. It will make you laugh, smile, and cry.

“Is this a hotel towel in your bag Madam?”

Starring Nicky Preston, Roger David Francis, Troy Dennison, Ernest Vernon, Suzanne Kendal-Morgan, Michelle Cox, David Claridge, Laura Evenson, Christopher Smart, Reynah Oppal, Phil Stanley, Conner McKenzy & Tony Gibbons.

Also starring Aishwarya Tewary, Joti Patel, Katey Wilkins, Surj Kumar, Sunny Dhap, Nick Khan, Alex Bourne, Lynsey Garvey, Rushaun Cookhorn.

With special appearances by Sheila Evans & Patricia Halstead.

Written by David Hastings, Troy Dennison, Leah Green, Mark Adams, Hakam Poselay & Kaushy Patel.

Directed by Troy Dennison, Leah Green, Rebecca Harris, Mark Adams, Kaushy Patel & David Hastings