Halloween Night Terror WINS Best Film in the US!

Our second venture into the Michael Myers universe has won an award in the US! ‘Halloween Night Terror’ was recently voted best film in ‘The Devil’s Eyes’ film competition for which we are extremely grateful! Our film was picked out by leading Hollywood genre screenwriter Todd Farmer (Jason X, My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry), who made the following comments on why he thought our film was his favourite;

“From the moment of opening credits, I grinned. And a short film with original music? Well done. AND… it takes place on Halloween night! Honk if you love Jesus!…What I LOVED (in all caps with a splash of cinnamon) was story. It wasn’t just stalk and kill. There was a story! There was motive! There was character! Now granted the story breaks a rule or two when it comes to this particular franchise’s dramatic convention… but I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m a huge fan of the suspension of disbelief which you must be willing to partake in for this short to work. Because the Shape’s motive falls slightly outside the motives found within the franchise. That said… I put Jason in Space. I’m obviously a fan of doing something different. A fan of showing us an element of character we may not have seen before. The point at which the win was carved into stone… and/or scalpel’d into my mind? It was the combo punch of mask one and mask two. Mask one made me think, “Aw, how unique.” Mask two make me smile real big. It’s a win!”


We would like to thank Mr Farmer for his very kind words and feedback and are completely over the moon with the result! We look forward to potentially returning to Haddonfield and the world of Michael Myers one day should the right story come along…. but in the meantime, thank you to a wonderful cast & crew! You were and always will be fantastic!!!!