Halloween Night Terror Released!

“I’ve heard of kids trick r’ treating, but this takes the mick! Have they been letting the loonies out for the night too?!”

– Jack

In this newest fan film instalment of the Halloween Chronicles, the mythos of cinema’s infamous boogeyman, Michael Myers, expands and proves that On All Hallow’s Eve, no-one is safe from the madman’s grasp.

It is Halloween night in the town of Russellville, a few miles from the notorious Haddonfield, and resident Jack Dennant, wants nothing more than to forget all about the ghouls, ghosts and glowing pumpkins that line his street outside. But after begrudging some visitors at his door, looking for treats, little does he realise, the festival of samhain has one last deadly trick to play…


This October 31st, HE makes the rules…


Halloween Night Terror can be viewed at the following links;