Revisiting Halloween Nightfall (2008)

“There was a time when I wasn’t afraid of you Michael…but that’s all changed now hasn’t it?”

– Dr Terrance Wynn

Back in 2008,. we attempted a fan film, and despite the stigma that word gets, there are some pretty amazing ones out there made by fans! So we thought we’d do a Michael Myers short, but one that attempted to add continuity to the series which has all but been dismissed by the studios.

And as a bonus, you may even get to see a rare bit of us nutters behind the scenes!

In this short untold chapter of the Halloween series, fans are offered a glimpse at what happened to Doctor Terrance Wynn (aka The Man In Black), from both Halloween 5 & 6, and how his encounter with Michael Myers will shape the Halloween to come!


Two years after the massacre at Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium, Dr Wynn is a living recluse in a now fear stricken Haddonfield. Silent whispers spread through the town about how his now exposed past, but as he waits in the shadows of his home, Wynn is about to come face-to-face with evil personified, one final time.

When the night falls on All Hallow’s Eve…HE will return.

Starring the wonderful Paul Hann and Mark Bytheway as Michael Myers

Behind The Scenes featurette

Welcome to Lightbeam Productions!

Details of all our new and exciting projects as well as reflections on previous works will be here! I look forward to communicating our ideas across to you!

As for a recap;

It has been a very busy past 2013 for us, not only were we continuing production on Halloween One Good Scare (which came out on schedule and in October to coincide with the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s classic original masterpiece as well as the 10th Anniversary of the original comic ‘One Good Scare’ itself, to fantastic feedback and reviews), we’ve also been working as hard as ever on cutting together ‘Checking In’.

In December 2012, just as we all broke up for the Xmas season, myself and the other writer/directors sat down to watch snippets of what we had up to then. We decided we’d all go away and come Easter 2013, we’d have a rough cut of the whole complete and snipped together film to view. As the date approached, the 5 films (and maybe one other surprising extra story), were cut together and we found ourselves nervously preparing to watch how the overall intertwining narrative worked. To our surprise (very much so for our ever decreasing fingernails too!), everyone was happy with it! As well as this, we’d welcomed the two new members of the team to view the film so they could give us a very objective opinion. The wonderful Matthew Calvert and Nicola Dale, who are working on sound and music, were full of ideas to help enhance the finished project further through their skills! We are looking very much forward to seeing their contributions!

On behalf of myself Dave at Lightbeam, as well as Kaushy from Pat The Bull films, Bekki Harris from Flirty Bird and Troy Dennison from 5/Sec Productions, we look forward to sharing this exciting moment with you all in 2014!

Kind Regards,

Dave Hastings